As one of the most experienced Chicago wedding photographers, I hope I can answer many of your questions below so that we can talk about the fun stuff, like where the reception will be and funny stories of family members I should keep my eye on.

Q. How would you describe your style of photography?

A. My style is a combination of fashion and photojournalism. I do not prompt, stop or interact with the day's events unless we are spending time photographing family groups or spending time with the couple making photographs. During most of the day I'm capturing those moments that are unique to each couple.  For portraits, I approach it like a commercial fashion photographer.  There will be no contrived, cliche poses of people fake cheering or fake jumping.

Q. How much time do you need to spend with a couple on their wedding day?

A. Photojournalism is more than just shooting "candids," it's about telling the story of your day with photographs. To do that properly, I like to spend a minimum of 6 hours with the couple. Often I start as the bride is getting ready and stay until the party begins to wind down. So I am best suited for couples looking for all day coverage.

Q. Can we give you a "must-take" photographs list?

A. The only list I ask for is of special family groupings and non-family members that have a special meaning for the couple. I do not work from a list detailing photographs to be taken throughout the day. I approach each wedding as a unique event and strive to bring out the individuality of your day. Shooting from a predetermined list hinders that creative process. Plus, I hope to make enough unique photos that yours will be on someone else's "must-take" list.

Q. I heard you attend the wedding rehearsal. Is that correct?

A. I attend all rehearsals without my camera. I don't attend the rehearsal dinners. The rehearsal gives us a chance to reconnect and also gives me the opportunity to meet the cast and crew. There is no other photographer I know of who provides this level of service.

Q. How long will it take to get our photos back?

A. Approximately five weeks after the wedding, you will receive your digital images. They are delivered on a flash drive.

Q. Will you shoot my wedding or will someone else that you hire do it?

A. I shoot every wedding and meet with every couple. I love photographing weddings, it's who I am. Plus, the name of my business is Dennis Lee Photography because that's who photographs your wedding. If I were to hire someone else it would be "'Insert Name Here' Photography."

Q. Do you work with an assistant?

A. I work with another photographer, not an assistant. There will always be two photographers on-site. This allows us to capture different perspectives to add to the creative content of the photos.

Q. Can we order albums?

A. Sure.  We offer both traditional matted and flush mount coffee table albums. The albums don't have a million pictures on a page with fades and graphics. They aren't about the design, but rather about the images presented in a timeless fashion.